Friday, September 08, 2006

I never got over you

i am quite free for the past 2 days. my client havent revert to me back on the amendments. Other than spending time paying my bills on net and checking and finally deleting the stupid mails.

Listening to this band SUPERBAR song - same way i do. With the catchy tunes, keep on listening to it over and over thru itunes. Other than than, steeling songs from the korean drama theme songs and ruth sahanaya for my mom. She was pleased that she finally got sum tunes to listen at home.

Ramadhan is just round the corner. 2 weeks time tho, a good time for those who think that they could go on a diet. But for me, its just the same. Wether i'd be break fast at home or office. it depends wether we're gonna busy or not during this Ramadhan.

Maybe i shud catch a movie tomorrow. Anyone wants to join? Buzz me!