Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This is the latest entry.

My fren got engaged last week. Went to the fiancee house with nelli and heykal. Just to give support since i know the family and tunjuk mamat heykal nie bout the adat bertunang (he's missed the sister's engagement cuz he was in Melbourne). Ni balik pun because the sister is getting married this Saturday. I'd be going since he got himself a room. Apalalagi buat party haram.

Else, im currently down with flu/fever. I guess its the weather and never ending work. Better take sum pills and rest at home tho. And i missed gym session for a week. I miss looking at the girl that always have fresh flower on her ear. Giler sweet tak ingat. Hope that i could haf the time today to go to the gym. Just for a shrt while, sweating myself up.

Well.. i got nature call now.. later peeps

Sunday, August 20, 2006

new and improved ibook

Recently my ibook harddisk crashed due to overload of stuff (i guess). Even my fren from mac service couldn't even figure out wats wrong with my LISA (thats my ibook nyer nama).

So back to installing all the required software to do my work again. Actually dah malas nak install.. but heck i got to do wat i got to do. Lama la jugak nak install the software fron the CS 2 till all the utilities.

Thats all for now.. LISA is back with 80G harddrive (yeah baby). till then chiow