Monday, June 26, 2006

Latest from me...

I've been going to a gym near office for the past 2 months. I spent my 1 and half hours there evey 3 times a week. You must be wondering why this fella starting to go to the gym. Well basically to got get the stamina that i need to last long like the energiser rabbit. Secondly there were comments about my tummy that starting to get buncit. As you im happy and happy to eat whatever i want except the kayu and the the batu.

Merely trying to accompany colleague who was desperately need to lose weight and look good in the first place, I got hooked up at the end. Having a contract for 2 years, im looking forward to see how far i can go with my body and my fitness. Well at least that i know hows the feeling going to the gym and doing the workout to tone up the body and i started to read the Men's Health magazine to get the updates and the cara-cara pemakanan yang betul and yadayadayayada..

Care to join me for an hour workout at the gym? call me ; )