Friday, January 20, 2006

PAINFUL THINGS... that hurt your heart

Well.. got it from my mail. As usual the fowarded mails. This particular got my eyes on it. Read it and actually its true at certain point. Here goes the painful things that hurt ur heart...

1. flashing your smile to someone you don't want to see

2. bringing back the feeling you've learned to forget

3. showing that you care

4. finding a way to mend a broken heart

5. learning that you've been used by someone you truly love

6. saying "i love you" when you mean it or when you don't

7. letting go of a person you've just learned to love

8. realizing that you love somebody you've just taken for granted

9. realizing that you love the person you've just broken up with

10. waiting for promises you know she or he will never keep

11. saying your love for someone who loves somebody else

12. reminiscing the good times you shared together

13. shielding your heart to love somebody

14. trying to hide what you really feel

15. having a commitment with someone that you know would not last

16. trying to hide the tears that voluntarily fall from your eyes

17. sharing the one you love with someone else

18. loving a person too much

19. giving up someone you never thought of giving up

20. falling in love for the first time

21. loving someone you haven't seen

22. having the right love at the wrong time

23. exerting effort to make the relationship last or work

24. not being appreciated when you know you've given your best

25. taking the risk to fall in love again

26. hiding your relationship from someone else

27. controlling your feelings to avoid hurting a friend

28. choosing between two persons whom you really love

29. finding out that you can never have replacement the person you just let go of

30. seeing the person you love with someone else

31. learning that the person who claimed to have loved you so much never really cared

32. seeing the one you love fall for someone else

33. falling for your best friend and knowing that things can never be the same again

34. learning to trust after you have been betrayed

35. accepting that it was not meant to be

36. smiling when all you want to do is cry

37. falling and knowing that it can never be

38. not being able to wholly love the person who truly cares for you

39. saying that you can never love a person the way he or she loves you

40. hearing that he or she can never love you the way that you love him

41. saying that you are over someone you still love

42. being friends again and learning to let go of each other because you both know it is better that way

43. convincing oneself that you are not in love when you know that you are

44. having to let go because you know that he or she deserves someone else

45. trying not to remember how perfect everything used to be

46. trying to pretend that you still love him or her while you are not.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Adha 06

Well.. its adha... and my dad's in Mecca performing his haj.. alhamdullilah hopefully his duin ok over there..

Ok.. we're not going ot talk about my dad and his haj. Lets talk about sumthing else, maybe sumthing more insteresting but soon it may sound lame. Well.. as i wrote before that im goin to haf my own mini studio for my so creative werk in a proper way. I have been putting this mission on hold for quite sumtimes already.. but frankly must get this thing done or else..

Been spending my time reading and surfing the net for info and ideas for my next artwork or references. Like right now, im spending my time at this local coffeeshop in 1utama reading newspaper and surfing the net. Sending emails and delete all the junk mails (most of the time). Chat wit my fren in Brisbane (he's coming back this thursday by the way) catching up and updating each other. He's duin ok there but sometimes rasa rindu kat family here in kl and his friends.

Its almost to 3pm, been spending bout 2 hours here already.. rase my butt dah panas.. hahhahahaha.. better off soon to get my beauty evening sleep.

so i leave u guys with this quote that i got from my sms this morning

"dalam kerendahan hati ada keluhuran budi..
dalam kemiskinan harta ada kekayaan jiwa..
hidup ini indah jika ada maafandi antara kita"

renung - renungkanlah.. fadli out...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006...

Begining a new year... still the same me, nothing much of changes in life of me. The same ol' Fadli that you know or knew close or thru a frend.. either way.. make a promise to myself to make this year a better than the last one.. Basically im still gonna continue my RANCANGAN FADLI ke 10. The plans that i already haf in mind.


1. Setting up my studio - repair my imac G3 (upgrading), EPSON stylus 1290 printer and another G4 (in future)
2. Put all my t-shirt design to be print and sell (limited edition)
3. Join as many as much competition for exposure
4. Aim for Art Director post in 4A's agency
5. Get myself ipod photo 30G / Moto RAZR V3

Well thats the most that i could think of at the moment. Thats only the plan that i am determine to get it done in the year 2006. Insyallah...

Well i guess that its not that late to wish y'all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 again...

I'm fadli signing off now..