Saturday, August 27, 2005

Guess who's back?..

Hey hey hey... I had a good time yesterday night. After a long day in the office, had dinner with Imran and Adza Anis at Warung Aji Don in Plaza Damas. It was ok just makan and bual kosong. Mostly i sembang with her.. talking bout her dad and my dad (oh yeah, her and dad and my dad used to be in the Air Force and my fater was his superior officer).

It was pouring heavily on my back home. Got nuthing else to do... Oh.. the highlight of the story - El@ Alina is back in Kl for awhile. So i decided to SMS her. Apparently she's at RASTA with her friends. She asked me to join in lepaking. I managed to get a ride from my brother and his gf ride to the spot. It wasn't planned kinddda outing tho...

imagine the person that u always talked on the net and sumtimes on the phone. Jumpa semula again after awhile. To tell you the truth, she changed alot. Her face is glowing and she looked soo happy. Talked to her friends (which i didnt get their names right) merely chillin out drinking hot drinks catching things up. Nana and fly joined us (met them last year at the same place).

Biasala sembang kosong. Then changed of venue. To Mohsin lak fer another chillout session. Had another cup of Nescafe Tarik. Its almost past 1am already.. everyone seems to be tired and head home.

Its good to see el. Hope to hangout with u again before u balik Melbourne. fadli out!

Friday, August 26, 2005

NESCAFE.. help to start your day!

Got home at 3 am... take off my pants (dont worry im wearing a boxer) lay my body at on the evening bed at the living room. Half asleep and still have the cold burger with me, i decided to watch Jerry Mcguire movie while eating the burger and vanilla coke. I doze off and the time i realised that its already half past 4. Turn of the telly and the DVD player sambung tidur. I realised that its almost 8 am and im still on the bed. Said to myself 'let me have another 30 mins' zzzzz... suddenly my hp rang...look at the number...hurrmm...who is this?.. this is how the conversation goes:

me: aloo... (suara baru bangun tidur)
caller: Fad, where are you? Its Shah here..
me: Hurrmm... watsup? im at home
caller: Are coming to the office?
me: Yeah in a bit..
caller: They dont have the keys to the office..boss called anis (my accounts admin)
me: Okay okay.. im coming now..

The call made me fully awake already. Rushed to the shower. Get dressed and call the cab. I arrived at the office about 10.45am. Saw my client servicing at the indian restaurant on my up to the office. Looking blur and as u can semi stoned.. put my bag and straight head to the pantry. Gonna start the day with my nescafe and best part that im not aware that the Alkaline water dipenser is out of order... daymnn

Head down to the indian restaurant, joining my colleague and the supplier for breakfast. Had capati and nescafe tarik KAW. Hope that the nescafe will help me to stay awake.. but i need more.. im a COFFEE Addict. ahhh.........

anyway.. got work to be done.. later...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Special kindda sumthing...

Went out with good friend of mine, Danial at Hartamas Square for a drink. He look differently that the last time we go out. Slight built shape body (he went to gym to workout occasionally). We update each other on our life basically. Biasalah tanya aper latest dier werking on.

By looking at him, i am sure that he's happy with his life and his work. And he got himself a sonyericsson S700i (the one that im looking foward to get) Kejelesan jelas kelihatan... he offered me the phone for RM1500, the same amount when he purchased the phone.

We didnt talk much tho as we're enjoying our meal. Im having the kueh teow goreng (as usual one of my fav. food) and he's having the chicago hotdog (giler mahal RM9.00). I know that i still owes him a meal. But anyway maybe sometime in the future. At hartamas square they have recently installed WIFI service for FREE. Guess to attract more yuppies and geek (like me) to hangout there more often. We browse for football updates, checkin the friendster website and personal mail. And as usual i'll be busy chatting with sum friends. We we're there for that long coz i have a meeting with my father later.

Met my dad at the Ismail restaurant. He was upstairs at his office werking on sum tender paperwork. They need to submit the tender by tomorrow morning. So.. i did my writing and listening to the songs from itunes to keep me occupied. Updating my profiles for my portfolio. At least senang to bring along for job interview.

We headed to Uptown after half past 11,sitting at our normal spot at Salleh's place.
He had sizzling beef while im eating the nasi daging merah and sayur campur. This time around it was cooked by different guy, imagine makan sayur pedas and daging pedas and lil bit masin. Spoil betul! Then pergi cari DVD haram (ANDA DILARANG SESAMA SEKALI MENIRU TINGKAHLAKU INI) To my dissapointment, the DVD that i was looking for still not here...*sigh*Got home by the hour of 1am in the morning. Tired and sleepy so i went straight to bed zzz......

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Manusia bodoh

This song has been in my ipod for quite sumtimes.

Manusia Bodoh
ADA Band

Dahulu terasa indah
Tak ingin lupakan
Bermesraan selalu jadi Satu kenangan manis

Tiada yang salah
Hanya aku manusia bodoh
Yang biarkan semua ini permainkanku
Berulang ulang ulang kali

Reff :
Mencoba bertahan sekuat hati
Layaknya karang yang dihempas sang ombak
Jalani hidup dalam buai belaka
Serahkan cinta tulus di dalam takdir

Tapi sampai kapankah kuharus
Menanggungnya kutukan cinta ini
Bersemayam dalam kalbu

Tak ayal tingkah lakumu
Buatku putus asa
Kadang akal sehat ini
Belum cukup membendungnya

Hanya kepedihan
Yang selalu datang menertawakanku
Engkau belahan jiwa
Tega menari indah di atas tangisanku

Bridge :
Semua kisah pasti ada akhir
Yang harus dilalui
Begitu juga akhir kisah ini
Yakinku indah

.......truly express how i feel right now.......

just one of em' days

When out with my close fren of mine for dinner. She came with her bf. They pick me up from my office. We headed to mamak joint at the edge of kuala lumpur.

Biasala dah lama tak jumpa and hangout sesama. Nak melepaskan kerinduan yang lama terpendam (what a word fadli!). Well another fren of ours joined for a drink. Then the topic about me arise, as usual me explaining whats been bugging my life. About work, family and love life (this meeting was focusing on me). 3 Things that almost made me think a lot. Over and over again. Yes, i am a thinker. I think a lot or maybe to much..

1st - i am stress out with work. Imagine trying your best to impress the boss and being supportive top the other colleagues. Am i not good enough to get what the boss wants and harapkan. Kering Ideas for awhile. Lost my so called 'Mojo'. But now im working it to get back on track. Maybe i need a holiday for awhile...

2nd - family; trying to balance relationship between my mom and my dad. At the moment im having a silent treatment from my mom even with siblings (my brother and sister) we're kinda stranger that stays in one roof. Maybe i hardly spending time with them or even try to talk to them. Me and my EGO. Working on it to mend the broken link. As my father, he needs someone to share his thoughts and listen to his problem or layan his nagging... called him just now and apologized for not calling him for awhile (takut dier merajuk). Gonna meet him up one of these days.

3rd - My love life. I am having my time off for awhile... thinking bout my relationship with gf. There a lot of things that been lingering to my mind. Yeah.. after 6 months of relationship. We've gone thru a lot together for the past that period. The ups and down etc etc. A fren told me even in relationship needs the break for awhile. Apart from each other just to look back at the relationship and see ourselves. I am an easy going type of person. I have experience a bad relationship that made my heart jadi keras and most of all KERING. I was hoping this relationship could made me have a PERASAAN. Yes i still sayang my gf. Siapa tak nak gf ambik dari rumah go for breakfast and then hantar to office and picking me up after work. Im sure semua guys out there looking for that type of gf yang boleh berkorban for u. I cant drive at the moment due to my sickness. But i have to make decision that might hurt us both especially her. She was pouring when i told her i need a time off apart from her. For me, this time off will help me to THINK about relationship and how to improve this relationship that i have now. For how long? time will tell......

Monday, August 22, 2005

Prologue of a blog

Yeah.. its been awhile since i write a blog... it seems that i have lost the interest or am i just to busy with work that i have the time to blog or brag about anything that comes in and out from my life.

Well.. i had a good weekend. Spend most of the time in the office with my colleagues. We do our work and later on hit the game of Ghost Recon (a combat game) for few hours. But the thing is i was in the office completing my F.A artist's work. Tho the work is not that hard, just printing and do the final mockup of annual report for the client. But how you asking a favour to do the work. Directing me on what to do, just because he's the senior there, that doesn't mean that i have follow his order.. by the way i am the so called 'junior art director'... but cut the nagging part .. got it done with the help of my designer.

A part from that on saturday evening, my former client asking for my help to do some illustration for her book. Met the her and the publisher at this bar near my office. Had a few chat to get the quotation for the illustration. She's on tight budget. So.. for a friend sake.. i lowered down the price. Then went back to the office and finalized the remaining work. David, my insurance agent came to the office to have a drink. We a long chat about life and work, merely updating ourselves. He was asking a favour to get new "potential" clients. So i gave him few numbers to keep him busy.

On sunday, me and another art director stop to the office, to do some work and ends with playing the multiplayer game. We've played most of the mission throughout the day. Then later at night , my account servicing came to the office to get the mockup and letter to the client. We end up having supper at the place in damansara heights. Eating while watching the malay movie "Sarjan Hassan" on the telly. There's few parts that we refer to the game we played at the office...

So.. that's all few now.. guess that i'll start to write more soon..